About Trasformational Coaching?

What is Trasformational Coaching?

“Transformational coaching seeks to bring about increased awareness of a person’s model of the world in order to create new possibilities for how one sees oneself, other people and the world.” (Quote from Animas Coaching)

The coaching space can be based around talking with one person or a group of people to facilitate their progression from where they are now to where they want to be.  It creates a journey that you the client navigate to reach your end goal

Client Led

The whole process is led by the client, it is important that you the client sets the goals or outcomes at the start so we can commence on a journey that empowers you to find actions and pathways to achieve the solutions required to reach the end goal. 

The processes will help you see and understand patterns with in your life that maybe preventing you from attaining your goals.  These patterns will be self discovered and can empower you with the solutions of your own making that could lead to self transformation. 

Paradigm Shifts

This means that the coach/client relationship will ebb and flow as you require. Coaching in this way enables you to look a little deeper and produces paradigm shifts with in you.  It is for everyone and will awaken you to options that may of eluded you up until now.  

Is it for me?

Nobody needs a coach, you can continue as you are and your life will continue to unfold.  However if you want changes and see the transformational change that is possible with in yourself than you should get in contact.  The great thing is that we can dive into any aspect of your life or work, enabling you to work around the goals you set.  We are not limited in the direction you can take – It is all about you and discovering your fears and dreams so as to take your life to the place it should be.   A lot of coaching is unlocking the potential that is within all of us, this can only be done by you.  Anyone who is open to change can benefit from coaching, if you look at the hustle and bustle of modern life and the 24hr lifestyles that we lead, who wouldn’t benefit from someone to listen to you intently and work with you to look at what you want and need.

Embrace the change and discover your hidden potential today!

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