Seize The Opportunity

Right Here, Right Now

In the past few weeks all of our lives have been affected by the Corona Virus. The media are pumping out the facts mixed with a twist of negativity and scare mongering. However as you read this take a moment and ask yourself – where am I living? are you in the past with everything that has happened? are you in the future with the media who are predicting what could happen? or are you living completely present right here, right now?

Flip your feed

If you’re not sure where you sit with your answer, lets work with right here, right now. With the social distancing and self isolation, our phones are going to be being used more then ever. With news feeds & social media feeds filling the senses your mindset and mental condition will be driven by these. The power to control what you see and hear is at your fingertips – so why not focus on what is important now right this moment – is the news feed benefiting you? is the social media feed you watch enhancing your mindset and state of mind? if the answer is no the important thing to do is to change what you see and hear. Why not start by cleansing your feeds and replacing the negative with things that inspire and drive you to a better place.

Time to start what you’ve been putting off

Everything you have wanted can start right now in this moment. It’s different for everyone, we all have the same nagging feeling that there is something bigger but we are often held back by the fear, the lack of believe and it is normally vocalised with – I can’t because ………. (insert excuse).

Take a moment and think what is happening around the globe – we are being ravaged by a virus that we can’t control. In the same moment it is giving us space and time to create a better self, we owe it to those who are ill, dying or have died already to create something positive from this situation.

Better than yesterday

I challenge you to change one thing today that you believe is holding you back from being a better your. What is that one thing you keep putting off? commit to be consistent with it and repeat it everyday, add one every week whilst we are social distancing. Don’t get carried away and try to run before you can walk just be 1% better in each avenue of your life every day. The smallest behaviourally changes can make the biggest impacts to your life. Please make a change today for a better you – through being a better person you will help to raise others up around you. #bekind

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