Mental Conditioning For Athletes

I love how the power of the mind in sport can be harnessed to be your super power, it can break your opponents, it can take you to the next level, but for most it is the biggest limiter. As a mental conditioning coach I am here to help you push through your limits. The mind is an area that is over looked by so many athletes and teams. I don’t mean Pro teams and athletes, they’re all over it, they understand what it does. I mean you the age group triathlete, you the local Rugby, Football, Hockey team, you the next crossfit games champion, you the next generation super star. Hardly any amateur level athletes are tapping into the greatest strength they have, their mental fitness!

Your mindset determines your limits. It’s the difference between getting a PB or missing it, the difference between winning the fight or losing it, scoring the penalty or missing. Take a moment and remember your favourite sporting moment, in-fact look at the great moments in sporting history – most come down to mental fortitude, self believe and the ability of those men and women to push beyond their limits to reach the goal.

No mater the type of sport you take part in, whether that is running, riding, fighting, cycling, football, triathlon, swimming, tennis (I could go on!!!) your mental fitness will determine the end result of your goal. Yes you need to train the body, but its the mind that tells your body how far it can go. Thats just the start of what it can do for you, not to spend time training your mind is the biggest over sight you can make.

During mental conditioning coaching we work on the way you process events past, present and future (for more information on this drop me an e mail). We will develop the best techniques for you to get the best out come from your event/challange.

A lot of athletes use motivational speeches and videos, these are like shots of caffeine – great for a quick fix and a great aid to training, but when your alone with your mind, in the pain cave (what every that cave is for you), there the only thing that can get you through is your mindset! That is when the mental fortitude and the training we work on come into play. It all starts and ends with the mind and your mental Fitness.

If you’re an athlete who is training for an event ask yourself this – how many hours do you spend training your body? how much do you spend on the training and the equipment? Whats the thing that determines when you skip a session, don’t go as hard as you can or not give it your all? Everything comes back to your mind and it’s mental fortitude & conditioning will determine everything.

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