Mindset Over Depression

The wheels spin the wind whistles past my ears as I come down the hill and round the corner sprinting to the chalk line on our street.  As I cross it I look back to see David still trying to catch me, not today though, today I am in yellow, I am the Greg Lemond of our street!  Since I was nine years old I have loved bikes, I remember vividly watching Greg Lemond and Laurent Fignon in the 89 Tour De France duelling it out to the very last day.  A 2000 mile race decided by 8 seconds, even at my young age I was in awe of these hero’s of the road.  From that day forward my entire life has revolved around two wheels and sporting challenges.

Looking back over the 39 years I have graced this planet, I have struggled with depression since my early 20’s however It didn’t really hit me that ‘I have depression’ until 2012 following a long endurance race in Norway.  Depression is viewed as a silent assassin because people don’t talk about it enough. Its not a physical illness like cancer that you can see and everyone knows about,  its all hidden within the minds eye of the sufferer where it takes hold and spirals into a dark place with everything becoming negative and suicide can be a strong draw to get away from the mind.

I personally have changed my thoughts around depression over the years and the way we deal with it.  These changes, processes and techniques can be transferred and used for all challenges that we face.  Whether that is getting the best from your next event, getting a relationship back on track or finding yourself.

I don’t have a Phd, I am not an academic, Doctor or writer, I work in sales & business development, I have moved in to coaching because it enables me to enhance other peoples lives. I re trained as a mindset coach because of the experiences I have been through.  This is the first of my blogs – I want to write down what I faced, but more importantly to offer different perspectives and processes that may help you through the challenges you are facing and reach your potential by working on mental fitness.  I am grateful I found sport at an early age and that has pulled me through a lot of dark times. However as I have got older and life became more complex sport did not quiet the mind.  This meant I have had to research and learn techniques to enable me to stay present and live in the now.  Not allowing the past to appear in the present and strangle the future, this is the key when you are facing challenges. If you would like to learn more please get in contact