The Bigger Purpose

I have started Fluid 38 to help others better their life and enable me to push a much bigger aim – I wish to work with charities around mental health, suicide and male mental health. I will also reach our schools to work with our next generation and en rich their leaning. Currently there are more options to succeed for our younger peers than any generation in history but they also have some of the biggest challenges. Most of the challenges come from man made problems and the amazing technology we have developed, this now drives high levels of depression, anxiety and lack of belief. Our next generation do not have to start living their lives not understanding the importance of mental fitness not just physical!

The Youth are our future and they are not being given the skills and information to transform the world for the better. Positivity, Belief and a “I can do it attitude” have been lost and replaced by a lot of negativity, self doubt and looking at others lives while questioning their own.

The Future is Bright if we allow the next generation to shine.

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