Why Fluid38

My name is Alex and Fluid 38 has been born from a passion around the power that the mind holds in the personal performance that we deliver on a daily basis. I have worked a Sales role for 25 years which is a high pressure environment. I have taken part in some very tough races and events to push my body and mind out of its comfort zone and to its perceived limits. These include Norseman Xtreme Triathlon, 75 mile ultra coastal challange, and an MMA fight. Through work and these events I harnessed my mindset to enable me to perform at my peak. Mind powers muscle and it is the mind that is limiting factor for many people.

In 2018 I retrained as a mental conditioning coach to specialize in helping clients at all levels and forms of sport & business to look into their sub conscious and extract the elements that they don’t even realise are holding them back . Whether you are trying to close your first sale or taking a multi million pound business to the next stage there is room to develop, the same goes in sport whether its your first 5k or you are going for your next Ironman working on your mental conditioning and understanding your mindset gives you skills and knowledge you didn’t even know you had let alone needed, but once discovered you won’t know how you coped without them

I offer coaching plans & courses, but the deepest coaching revolves around 1-1 coaching.  We are connected 24/7 through computers and phones, sometimes training is the only escape.  We are so busy living life through a screen and watching everyone post images and stories of their perfect lives that it is easy to lose focus of our own goals. It is important to remember a harsh fact very few people actually care what you do, so why spend your time watching other peoples lives?

The Hustle and Bustle of our lives leaves us with no time or any space.  Especially with in our minds.  Our brains are full of what has happened in our past, what the family need now, did I send that e mail, what do I need to do next!! We worry about how that shapes our future. The future is created in the present, the here and now – not our past or dreaming about what you want, it happens right NOW!!!!.  We end up settling for our comfort zone that our brains teach us it is where we should be.

The question is are you ready?

Are you ready to look deep with in yourself?

Are you ready to perform better?

Are you ready for change?

The future is determined by W.I.N – ‘What’s Important Now’ are you ready to work the process not the goal ?

The Key Is Getting Uncomfortable

We all need space for our minds to breath. I create a coaching space for you to unravel your thoughts, work through your challenges and help you discover ways to strengthen your mindset.

We often get feelings, emotions and thoughts that we are conditioned to ignore and avoid, so as we stay with in our comfort zone.  Those feelings can be explored and investigated these can lead to paradigm shifts that will change your performances for ever

The present creates your future – work the process and your goals will become the present.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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