Life long Change not short term gain

Welcome to Fluid 38.  Everything you do or don’t do comes down to your mindset, no matter the aspiration or challenge you face you have to start with the mind.  I specialise in behaviour & habit change. Whether you are looking at going from your couch to a 5k run, creating a healthy lifestyle or you are facing challenges within a relationship, you can reach your aspiration nothing is impossible!   we can work together to create the future you want.  It is all about life long change not short term gain. tiny habits lead to massive changes!

Welcome to Fluid38

My name is Alex and I am here to help you shine and create life long change not short term gains.  How can help you achieve the first aspiration on your list?

Let's get Tiny!

Tiny habits are the most amazing things, from the smallest change in your daily routines you can transform your life.  You maybe asking how? or you maybe thinking that’s not possible.  I am a Certified Tiny Habits Coach and I have been taught by BJ Fogg PhD I invite you to get in contact, book a free call and join the free 5 day tiny habit program.  The great thing about tiny habits is the small amount of time they take to do & best of all they are fun!

Everything comes down to behaviours & habits

I love this, if you look at your life everything that is good or bad comes down to behaviours and habits.  One of the greatest things I get to experience with my clients is how tiny changes in behaviours can lead to a new person emerging like a butterfly from a cocoon.  No mater what you want to change or create you have the power to make it happen.  Many things we want with in our lives are closer and more achievable than you think 

Mind Powers Muscle

It doesn’t matter what you’re aspiring to – it could be your first 5k or your next Ironman. Working on your mental conditioning and understanding your mindset gives you skills and knowledge you didn’t even know you had let alone needed, but once discovered you won’t know how you coped without them.  When you add the knowledge & skills you gain from understanding how you get the best performance from yourself, you can unlock a new level to the physical training & performance’s on race day.

Cleanse the soul

 We are connected 24/7 through computers and phones, it can be a struggle to escape. We are all very busy living life through a screen, watching others post images and stories of their perfect lives that it is easy to lose focus of our own purpose.  I believe that once you do the basics right you can focus on 1% growth every day, what are you doing to be better today than you were yesterday?  Where ever you look in your life there are small wins all around you, you just need to know where to look and that’s where I can help 

Technology Detox

The Hustle and Bustle of our lives leaves us with no time or any space. Especially within our minds. Our brains are full of what has happened in our past, what the family need now, did I send that email, what do I need to do next. With all the technology and social media pressures that are fast daily, it is important to have perspective.

We worry about how that shapes our future. The future is created in the present, the here and now – not our past or dreaming about what you want, it happens right NOW. We end up settling for our comfort zone that our brains teach us it is where we should be.

The future is determined by W.I.N – ‘What’s Important Now’ lets start working together on the process not the goal. 


Successful wasn’t a word that I would ever use to describe myself. That was until I was taught the Fluid38 method by Alex. I have benefited from expert advice, 1 to 1 mentorship & excellent coaching that did not set me up for failure but instead set me up for success beyond what I had expected. I believe that the Fluid38 method is what everyone needs on their journey to reach their fullest potential.