Seize The Opportunity

Right Here, Right Now In the past few weeks all of our lives have been affected by the Corona Virus. The media are pumping out the facts mixed with a twist of negativity and scare mongering. However as you read this take a moment and ask yourself - where am I living? are you in... Continue Reading →

75miles Of Flow On The ACC

As I got out of the van and stared at the stunning Cornish coastline, the waves smashed against the rocks while the sun tried to break through the moody storm clouds that ominously hung heavy on the skyline.  It was nearly 1pm and I had to make my final preparations before I started the run.  I... Continue Reading →

Mindset Over Depression

The wheels spin the wind whistles past my ears as I come down the hill and round the corner sprinting to the chalk line on our street.  As I cross it I look back to see David still trying to catch me, not today though, today I am in yellow, I am the Greg Lemond... Continue Reading →

About Trasformational Coaching?

What is Trasformational Coaching? “Transformational coaching seeks to bring about increased awareness of a person’s model of the world in order to create new possibilities for how one sees oneself, other people and the world.” (Quote from Animas Coaching) The coaching space can be based around talking with one person or a group of people... Continue Reading →

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