Success Stories

Helping People Shine


Successful wasn’t a word that I would ever use to describe myself. That was until I was taught the Fluid38 method by Alex. I have benefited from expert advice, 1 to 1 mentorship & excellent coaching that did not set me up for failure but instead set me up for success beyond what I had expected. I believe that the Fluid38 method is what everyone needs on their journey to reach their fullest potential.

- Isaiah

i listen to a lot of people like Eric Thomas & Gary Vee and they are amazing, i feel like you are on par to them i came across your work through being a coach at the Bournemouth University Bobcats and it became very apparent very quickly that you weren't in this to benefit yourself. Even when you had a new born you found time to come to games and analyse the areas we need to work on and how we could approach different situations.

I can only say that you have to try it for yourself Alex makes you feel like you are one the most important human beings and instead of telling you what to do which you find with most mindset coaches, he looks at different routes and sends you things you can try. The thing that impacted me most and I picked up on it recently is he always ask you how he can help and uses other open questions which really allows you to think deeply about what you need help with most in that moment.

I have introduced Alex to the Junior American Football Team I work with and his talk gripped the young players attention within a 4/5 minutes. My University team have benefited the most from his services but he so willing to help in any situation whether that be your mental strength with sport or whether that is just your daily challenges. I will continue to recommended Alex's Services to all my family and friends and any sports clubs i work closely with. Alex has helped me and my teams and i look forward to build those relationships with him and the teams as he is a 5 star coach

- Moses

I went for a run this morning, did some breathing exercises whilst sat on a bench to begin with, set my intention for the run, tracked my speed on Strave (I am so much quicker than I thought I was), and distracted myself with appreciation of the views etc when it got a little uncomfortable. It bloody works hey!!!

- Emma

Alex has been a fantastic coach and has really helped me lay a plan out to achieve my goals and how to execute that plan. Would highly recommend.

- Jonny

My coaching sessions with Alex were life transforming! Alex helped me to uncover limiting beliefs that I had no idea were driving me. Simply by uncovering theses I was able to challenge them and replace with more healthy empowering beliefs. Alex is a fantastic coach who is incredibly patient and supportive so I would highly recommend his life coaching services to everyone! Thanks Alex

- Louise

The Key Is Getting Uncomfortable

We all need space for our minds to breath. I create a coaching space for you to unravel your thoughts, habits & behaviours so you can  work through your challenges, from here we unlock your hidden potential.

We often get feelings, emotions and thoughts that we are conditioned to ignore and avoid, so as we stay with in our comfort zone. Those feelings can be explored and investigated these can lead to paradigm shifts that will change your live today

The present creates your future – work the process and your aspirations will become the present.